MR 120-1 170 30

Self-adhesive encoders, 120-1 pulses B&W outer Ø 170mm, pre-cut Ø 30mm. Circular back

Technical Specificity


Modulation support for sensor 152. Self-adhesive encoding discs with a diameter of 170 mm, with precut center part, consists of 120-1 black and white sectors. Weight negligible, very good retro-reflection optical effect and strong adhesion of the adhesive layer, high black and white contrast. Smudge-proof, good adhesion in the environment of a motor, center point crosshair to facilitate centering. This product is not further specified and is a part of the OPTEL THEVON sensors


The simplified and economical instrument equipment for measurements of cyclostationary phenomena, acyclisms, shifts, torsional vibrations, flexion, torques, variations in the angular velocities.

If it is not possible, a precision encoder wheel in your diagnostic of rotating workpiece to be used or contrasting, factory-made markings or natural periodic parts such as holes, teeth, or directly engraving are missing. If is weak or reduced mass inertia of particular importance. To learn the number of pulses/revolutions, consult your specialist in the field of measurement of torsional vibrations and acyclism, to determine the required or sufficient resolution. Recommendation: Watch the sensors and probes for the resolution limit of the OPTEL THEVON’s probes: position your probes to a sector considering the acceptable distance and wideness Note: with the 30 mm precut part at the center you can design your tool to      adjust set of encoder tape to your workpieces: save time and gain accuracy