Self-adhesive linear encoders, B&W, spacing increments approx. 5.0mm over a length of 1.4m, width 20mm. Zebra tape

Technical Specificity


Linear modulation carrier for sensor 152. self-adhesive black and white zebra tapes timer ribbons with increment number of B & W periodic marks, sharing approximately 5 mm to 1, 4 m length, width 20 mm


The simplified and economical instrument equipment for measurements of cyclostationary phenomena, acyclisms, torsion, shifts, torsional vibrations, flexion, torques, variations in the angular velocities on shafts.

If it is not possible, a precision encoder wheel in your diagnostic rotating workpiece to be used or contrasting, factory-made markings or a natural media such as holes, teeth, or directly engraving are missing. If is weak or reduced mass inertia of particular importance. To learn the number of revolutions, consult your specialist in the field of measurement of torsional vibrations and acyclism, to determine the required or sufficient resolution